Sunshine, sandy beaches, and the crisp pop of baseballs meeting gloves—could there be a better combination? The 3rd Annual Wildwood Beach Baseball Tournament delivered an unforgettable experience, offering much more than just a game. It was a festival of fun for wildwood kids and activities galore.

Let’s dive into the details of this fantastic event that captured the hearts of young and old alike, sparking excitement across all ages.

More Than Just Baseball

Baseball and the beach might not seem like a natural pairing at first thought. Yet, it’s this unconventional combination that sets this event apart. Thanks to the efforts of DeBlasio and Associates along with Gary Hans from Wildwood Public Works, the MUDHEN EVENTS crew managed to turn the beachfront into a baseball paradise.

Shout Out To Morey’s Pier

For the second consecutive year, the event teamed up with MOREY’S PIERS. As part of the partnership, all participating teams were given Ride & Slide wristbands, while their friends and family enjoyed exclusive discounts on passes throughout the weekend.

Beyond The Beach At Wildwood

The excitement extended beyond the sandy diamonds. The island revealed its plethora of attractions, ranging from piers and eateries to a variety of wildwood kids’ activities, all contributing to what makes this America’s beloved pastime.

Looking Ahead: 2024 Dates

Save the dates! The upcoming tournament is scheduled for August 9th-11th and 16th-18th. To find out more and to SIGN UP FOR 2024, visit WILDWOOD BEACH BASEBALL.